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Mass and density of silicon powders

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The quality of silicon powder
The quality of silicon powder is mainly judged by the content of SiO2. The SiO2 content is less than 88%, and there is almost no market. The SiO2 content is 88% to 92%, which is mainly used for concrete, while the SiO2 content is greater than 92%, which is mainly used for refractory materials and other industries.
There is a difference in the quality of the recovered silicon powder in smelting metallic silicon and different grades of ferrosilicon; smelting the same grade of ferrosilicon, the quality of silicon powder will increase correspondingly as the capacity of the electric furnace increases.
According to reports, silicon powder with high SiO2 content and low alkali metal, alkaline earth metal and SO3 content has good fluidity and does not have an extreme effect on the hardening time of the castable, so it is easy to be adopted in the refractory industry.
The density of silica powder
Silicon powder is a by-product of smelting ferrosilicon or metallic silicon. Although it is widely used, it is still a low-value primary raw material. The unencrypted silicon powder has a density of 150200kg/m3 and is called raw ash. Due to the low density of the original ash, it brings a series of problems to the packaging and transportation of the product. The manufacturer considers the profit, and the user must make the request according to the need. Therefore, the encrypted packaging of silicon powder has been adopted by many silicon powder companies. According to the specific domestic situation, the main purpose of the production enterprise for the encryption of silicon powder is:
(1) Reduce the packaging cost of silicon powder;
(2) Reduce the transportation cost of silicon powder;
(3) Increase the market share of silicon powder;
(4) Meet the various needs of users of silicon powder, especially the requirements for fluidity ;
(5) Improve the production environment of silicon powder.

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