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The scope of application of INA one-way clutch bearings

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The suitable range of one-way clutch INA bearings is divided into three aspects: overrun, indexing, and backstop.

(1) Beyond performance

There are various ways to use the transcendence performance, mainly as the speed conversion of various mechanical devices. The use of a one-way clutch makes the gear shifting device simple and helps reduce costs. Using one motor to input positive and negative speeds in the same direction can realize two-stage speed change.

(2) Index

The input shaft rotates continuously and is converted into intermittent reciprocating motion to complete the intermittent rotation of the output shaft in the same direction, such as in the equipment such as punch roller feeding, printing machinery and packaging machinery.

(3) Anti-reversal mechanism

If the outer ring is fixed and the inner ring is rotated, the inner ring can be prevented from reversing. For example, it is used in elevators, ropeways, etc. Because the one-way clutch can automatically couple and unwedge, it makes the operation simple, the structure is compact, and the transmission mechanism is simplified, so it has been more and more widely used in a variety of transmission systems.

INA Bearings as a division of The Schaeffler Group, founded in 1946 and is headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany. Specilized in producing extraordinary quality roller bearings, plain bearings and linear components. Also meets different user needs for the automotive industry with their far-reaching line of precision parts selected for the numerous inner workings of car engines, transmission and power trains. It was first formed by Dr. George Schaeffler with his innovation of the needle roller bearing with cage assembly. This was a groundbreaking feat in the bearing industry and INA continues to design and create the latest technologies. INA Bearings Company utilizes this knowledge to create a well-made, high quality product but also staying being cost-effective for the everyday consumer. Currently has sixty three different manufacturing facilities worldwide which enables them to stay competitive in a global market.

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