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Magnesium nitride occurs in nature as the mineral nitrite

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Magnesium nitride formula
Magnesium nitride is an inorganic compound used as a catalyst for chemical synthesis.
Molecular formula and structure: The chemical formula of magnesium nitride is Mg3N2, and the molar mass is 100.95 g mol-1.The structure of magnesium nitride is composed of three magnesium ions Mg2+ and two nitrogen ions N3-.Its chemical structure can be expressed in the following common notation for organic molecules.
Occurrence: Magnesium nitride occurs in nature as the mineral nitrite.
Preparation: Magnesium nitride is obtained by treating magnesium metal with nitrogen at high temperature:
3 mg + N2 > Mg3N2
Physical properties: Magnesium nitride is a light yellow powder.Its density was 2.71 g mL-1.Melting point above 1500°C, at which point it will decompose into nitrogen.It is freely soluble in water.Magnesium nitride is moderately soluble in ethanol, methanol and ammonia.
Chemical Properties: Magnesium Nitride is a ceramic with high hardness, high thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, which makes magnesium nitride very useful in synthesizing new materials.Sometimes, magnesium nitride is used to produce other metal nitrides, and sometimes it is used to form alloys with other ceramics to make special materials.
Application: Magnesium nitride is mainly used in pyrotechnic production.It is also used as a catalyst for some reactions to form other nitrides as a synthetic diamond boron (boron nitride), which is a heat-resistant material and a special conductor.It can also be used to make special glass and ceramics.Magnesium nitride can also be added to water to make magnesium hydroxide:
Mg3N2(S) + 6H2O (L)→3mg (OH)2(aq) + 2NH3 (g)
Health effects/safety hazards: Magnesium nitride can irritate eyes, skin and respiratory tract.Especially for the eyes, it can cause serious damage.It is not flammable.
The basic characteristics of magnesium nitride ceramic powder: magnesium nitride ceramic powder is a kind of light yellow powder.Chemical formula: Mg3N2;Molecular weight: 100.93; The relative density was 2.71 (25/4 oC).Decomposition point :800 ℃; Hexagonal crystal system.The compound is soluble in acids and slightly soluble in ethanol and ethers.In moist air or water, decomposes into magnesium hydroxide, releasing ammonia;
Magnesium nitride ceramic powder can be used to prepare other nitride compounds with high hardness, high thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and high temperature resistance;It can be used to prepare special ceramic materials and special alloy foaming agent.It can be used to make special glass and catalytic polymer crosslinking;It can also be used to produce synthetic diamond and cubic boron nitride catalyst materials as well as smelting additives for high strength steel.In addition, magnesium nitride is a direct bandgap semiconductor with a bandwidth of 2.8 eV, which has potential application value in the preparation of light-emitting diodes.

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