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New strategy: use silver nanopowder to eliminate bacteria on computer keyboards

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How dirty is the computer

The Internet has brought great convenience to my body. When we enjoy the high efficiency it brings, we ignore its health problems. There are a lot of bacteria on computer keys, disks, and mice, such as streptococcus. , Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Chlamydia trachomatis. If we cannot clean it up in time, it will cause digestive diseases, skin diseases, and eye diseases, and skin allergies.

Relevant departments not long ago released a questionnaire survey on computer use hygiene. Let's take a look at the health status of your computer together-70% of Internet users have not used the computer to wash their hands. In the survey, 75.2% of Internet users said that they would not immediately kill themselves after using up their computers. Data show that 70% of Internet users have not realized that their hands are unhygienic after using the computer, and they have not developed the habit of washing their hands.

More than half of netizens never disinfect computers.

A survey found that 52.01% of netizens said that they would never clean their computers, and a quarter of them would clean their computers every few months, while only 3.44% of those who would clean their computers every day. The reason for not cleaning the computer is to worry about the trouble first and to do not know the method to clean it. Many netizens have this mentality and have never cared about the hygiene of the computer.

Children become victims of bacterial infections.

Most homes now have computers, and computers are now a tool for children to learn to play games. Children are not as good as adults because they are still developing, but many parents do not realize that the germs can be transmitted through contact with each other. Sex.

Chinese scholars discover a new strategy for nanosilver with high efficiency, and antibacterial silver nanopowders kill more than 650 bacteria in minutes. It has broad-spectrum sterilization without any toxic reaction. The discovery of any stimulus-response opens up broad prospects for the widespread use of silver nanopowders for antibacterial use and is the latest generation of natural antibacterial agents.

The high-quality silver nanopowders produced by Trunnano have the characteristics of broad-spectrum antibacterial, strong sterilization, long-lasting antibacterial, and non-resistance... Amy Gao, director of Tongrun, said.

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