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How radioactive is the metal bismuth and does it affect the human body much?

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Bismuth can exist in nature as a natural metal or as compounds in Bi3+ and Bi5+ ionic states. In many minerals, bismuth can be substituted for As, Sb, Au, Pb, Nb, Ta, etc.
Bi3+ has strong sulfurophilic and oxygenophilic properties, so it can form sulfides and oxides. During endogenesis, bismuth has no independent mineral crystal and does not enter silicate minerals, but mainly occurs in hydrothermal as natural bismuth and bismuthite. In addition, bismuth can replace lead in galena, and the content of bismuth increases with the increase of galena forming temperature. In exogenous action, natural bismuth and bismuthite are easily oxidized to bismuth oxides, carbonate, etc.
There are more than 50 kinds of bismuth minerals known. Among them, the industrial minerals are natural bismuth, containing Bi95-99%; Bismuthite, containing Bi 82%; Bismuthite, containing Bi 87%; Bi Hua, containing Bi 87%; Plagioplumbic bismuth ore with Bi 42%.
Industrially, there are different requirements for bismuth-based ores and associated bismuth ores. When mined separately as bismuth ore, the minimum industrial grade is 0.5%.
At the same time, bismuth metal can be extracted from anode slime produced in the smelting process of lead and copper.
The metal bismuth has a half-life of 1.9×10 ^ 19 years (19000000000000000 years if you can't read scientific counting) and is negligible radioactive compared to radium (which had a half-life of 1600 years), which killed Pierre Marie Curie and his wife.
Bismuth is relatively safe to touch directly, and its natural crystallization is a rectangular spiral. In other words, it decays 1.36 times a day. Also, bismuth is not chemically toxic, so just wash your hands after touching it.
I'm not being modest. Your own radioactivity is thousands of times stronger than this bismuth (the human body absorbs a few tenths of a becquerel of radioactivity from natural radionuclides like carbon-14), so it's the bismuth that should be worrying about, not you.

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