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The purpose of high-quality spherical roller bearings?

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What kind of load can the spherical roller bearing bear?
Spherical roller bearings can support a large number of axial and radial load combinations of the rollers and cylinders used. They can withstand misalignment between the shaft and the bearing housing. The rated life of the bearing should be at least 200,000 hours in the dry part and at least 120,000 hours (14 years) in the other parts.
Where are spherical roller bearings used?
Spherical bearings are used in countless industrial applications that require heavy loads, medium speeds and possible misalignment. Some common application areas are: Gearboxes. Wind Turbines.

Can spherical roller bearings self-align?
Spherical roller bearings are self-aligning bearings specially designed for heavy radial loads. They automatically compensate for large angular errors (axis misalignment). They are usually double-row design, the two rows of rollers have a common spherical raceway in the outer ring.

How to choose spherical roller bearings?
Several factors determine the effectiveness of spherical roller bearings in specific applications, including: the minimum load applied. In order to run at high speed and have stable acceleration and deceleration, the bearing must have a minimum axial load applied to the rollers.

Features of spherical roller bearings
Spherical roller bearings work best in low-to-medium speed applications and can perform well in harsh environments. The self-aligning feature allows spherical roller bearings to accept shaft misalignment deviations.

Why use spherical bearings?
Spherical roller bearings provide an unparalleled combination of high load capacity, high impact load tolerance and self-aligning ability, but their speed is limited. Therefore, they are used in vibrators, vibrators, conveyor belts, reducers, transmissions and other heavy machinery.

What is the working principle of roller bearings?
Rolling bearings, also known as rolling bearings, are bearings that carry loads by placing rolling elements (such as balls or rollers) between two bearing rings called races. The relative movement of the raceways causes the rolling elements to roll with little rolling resistance and little sliding.

Supplier of spherical roller bearings
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