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Will a 3D printer cost a lot of money?

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How does a 3D printer prevent gaps?
The best way to repair the gap is to increase the small amount in the slicer settings, increase the filling ratio, use a denser filling pattern, or focus on repairing under the expansion problem. Fix the gap in the top.
Will 3D printing consume a lot of power?
The temperature of the hot end of a general 3D printer is 205°C, the temperature of the heating bed is 60°C, and the average power is 70 watts. For 10 hours of printing, this would use 0.7kWh, which is approximately 9 cents. The power used by a 3D printer mainly depends on the size of the printer and the temperature of the heating bed and nozzles.

Is the 3D printer useless?
This is why 3D printing at home is useless-almost everything you want is not made of a single material.

How dangerous is resin 3D printing?
Standard resins for 3D printing are not very safe for eyes or food, and if exposed to these areas of the human body, they may quickly cause permanent damage. Very dangerous, because overexposure can cause prints to break.

How durable is the 3D printing resin?
Parts printed with hard resin have tensile strength (55.7 MPa) and elastic modulus (2.7 GPa) equivalent to ABS. This material will produce robust, drop-resistant parts and functional prototypes, such as housings with snap-on connectors or sturdy prototypes.

Why does my 3D printing look bad?
If the platform is not flat, then for some parts of the print, the nozzle will not be close enough to the platform to properly expand and glue the first layer.
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What types of 3D printers are there?
Why is 3D printing so expensive?

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