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Analysis on Some Key Technologies of AC EV Chargers

wallpapers Tech 2021-06-15
Analysis on Some Key Technologies of AC EV Chargers
Combined with the preparation of the "Standard Design for AC EV Chargers " of Guangdong Power Grid Company, research and analysis of several key issues in the power supply and distribution system of electric vehicle charging facilities, and the classification of charging facilities' load levels, the value of load calculation coefficients, and the calculation of harmonic currents Several key technologies related to engineering design, such as suppression and control, electric shock prevention of charging piles, and the impact of harmonic currents on the capacity of ordinary distribution transformers, have been understood and recognized in theory and application.
Key technologies for electric vehicle charging facilities based on renewable energy
Innovation: Solar wind energy, etc., instead of traditional grid power generation, build solar electric vehicle charging stations, and further analyze and explore the design based on the use of renewable energy to charge electric vehicles, and integrate humanization and intelligence into the design of charging stations to make Charging stations appear more conveniently in people's lives.
Research on Energy Management Technology of Multi-energy Hybrid Electric Vehicle Charging, Swap, Storage and Discharge Station
As the world is facing environmental and energy crises, renewable energy and electric vehicles are highly valued by countries all over the world. AC EV Chargers infrastructure has affected the promotion and development of electric vehicles. Multi-energy hybrid electric vehicle charge-swap-Storge-Discharge Power Station (EV-BCSSDPS) is an important charging infrastructure. The functions of charging station, switching station and energy storage station are integrated. Multi-energy hybrid EV-BCSSDPS can not only provide fast and convenient battery swapping services for electric vehicles, but also provide clean charging energy for electric vehicles, and can also use cascade energy storage as a backup power source. With the further development of battery technology and the construction of smart grids, EV-BCSSDPS, as a component of smart grids, rational use of its energy storage characteristics will play a major role in smoothing grid load fluctuations, adopting intermittent renewable energy sources, and improving grid operation efficiency. effect.

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