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The influence of temperature on SKF bearing lubrication

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Lubricating oil is the lubrication method of most SKF bearings. The characteristics of the lubricating oil determine its applicable temperature range. Whether it is grease lubrication or oil lubrication, its lubrication performance is affected by temperature changes, mainly as follows: At this time, the lubricating grease will accelerate chemical deterioration and lose its lubricating ability. The viscosity of the lubricating grease will become low and not enough to form a sufficient oil film thickness, resulting in grease leakage and increased vibration and noise.

If the temperature of the SKF bearing rises to the dripping point of the lubricating grease, the grease will become soft, lose the semi-solid nature of the grease, liquefy and lose, and lose its lubricating effect on the bearing. The choice of bearing lubricating grease should be considered from the perspective of temperature changes. For example, the maximum use temperature of lithium-based grease is 100-110℃, and the maximum temperature of lithium-based grease can reach 130-140℃. Excessive temperature rise will bring many destructive results to bearing operation, such as lubrication failure, grease leakage, lower vibration and noise retention, and impact on bearing parts materials.

On the contrary, when the operating temperature of SKF bearing is too low, it will also affect the lubricating function of lubricating grease, which is manifested by the increase of the viscosity and consistency of the grease (the consistency refers to the degree of hardness of the grease), which increases the resistance of the bearing and increases The energy consumption of driving the bearing to run, and the increase in the viscosity and consistency of the lubricating grease, the lubrication point is not timely, the oil film is not repaired in time, the effective lubricating film thickness is reduced, and the bearing working surface is oil-lean.

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