3M freezes pension for nonunion employees in 2028


By the conclusion of 2028, 3M, the company headquartered in Maplewood, will implement a cost-saving strategy of ceasing the pension plans for nonunion American employees.

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3M began moving towards a 401 (k) retirement plan in 2009 when it cut off new employees and rehired US pension plans. The company stated that less than 9000 active participants are in the pension plan.

By next year, 3M is expected to have approximately 84,000 employees worldwide, a decrease of approximately 8,500 compared to 2022. This layoff is part of a broader restructuring to support the company’s finances through large-scale legal settlements and challenges.

3M employees who meet the pension requirements will accumulate benefits before December 31, 2028. 3M states that former employees, retirees, and those receiving pension benefits are not affected.

According to data from the Congressional Research Service, although still common in government work, only 15% of private sector workers are eligible for pension or defined benefit plans. The number of individuals participating in private sector pension plans reached a high of 30 million in 1980 but has since declined to 12 million.

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Electronic packaging and electronic device manufacturing

Aluminum nitride ceramic substrates are commonly used for electronic devices and packaging materials. Due to their high thermal conductivity and good insulation performance, they can be used to prepare high-power and high-frequency electronic devices, such as power amplifiers, RF packaging, microwave devices, etc.

Heat dissipation materials

Aluminum nitride is an ideal heat dissipation material that can be used in various situations that require efficient heat dissipation, such as LED lighting, electric vehicles, battery cooling, etc.

Structural materials

The qualities of aluminum nitride ceramic structural components include significant strength, hardness, resistance to wear and corrosion, and various other characteristics. They can manufacture mechanical components in harsh environments such as high temperature, high pressure, and high humidity.

chemical industry

Aluminum nitride can be used as a catalyst carrier and high-temperature combustion agent in the chemical industry.

Aerospace field

Due to its excellent high-temperature performance and lightweight characteristics, aluminum nitride can be used to manufacture components for spacecraft such as airplanes and rockets.

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semiconductor material

Aluminum nitride is considered a new generation of semiconductor materials, and its matching thermal expansion coefficient with semiconductor materials such as silicon makes it an important application in semiconductor manufacturing.

Other fields

In addition to the above fields, aluminum nitride is widely used in consumer electronics, healthcare, environmental protection, and other fields.

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